Streaming all my PC's sound to Network Player with Linn Songcast

Songcast is a free open program from Linn. Songcast sends any audio from your computer to Songcast Receiver and get better sound from your music services and from web pages.

Songcast Receiver is available at EasyMPD from 1.4.0 version. So, if we use Linn Songcast, we can hear all the sound from PC through Hi-Fi audio system with PC Engins Alix or APU instead of PC speaker. We can get better sound qulity with Songcast than with Apple AirPlay because the quantity of streaming data from Songcast is much more than from AirPlay. Now you can listen to Internet music service, radio and any music from any player at your PC with better sound. Songcast is available for Windows and Mac OS X.

And even it's easy to use. Let's see how to use it.

[Install and Configuration]

1. First we should activate Songcast Receiver function at Alix or APU. Open EasyMPD WEB GUI and go to "MPD -> MPD Configuration". And scroll down the page at righ side and find "Enable UPnP and Linn Songcast" and enable it with checkbox. Click "Save" button to apply.

2. Download latest version of Songcast installer for you PC's OS from Linn Software Download page and install it into your PC. There are Windows and Mac OX X version.

3. After installation, you can find a tray icon for Songcast. You can open Songcast mouse clicking on the tray icon.

3. If you select "My Computer" Songcast will turn off and if you select "EasyMPD-UPnP-MPD" Songcast will turn on. When Songcast is on you can hear the sound from your audio system through Alix or APU. And when Songcast is off the sound will go directly to PC spkeaker.

4. You can play and pause the sound with the control's triangle or square button, which appears when you select "EasyMPD-UPnP-MPD".

6. If you have more than one network connections in your PC, you should select which network connection will be used for Songcast. Click "Setting" icon at top and go to "Advanced" tab. In "Network Setting" you can select the network connection.

7. If you play in your PC, after some buffering time, you can hear the sound from your audio system not from your PC speaker.

[Trouble Shooting]

1. If you can not see EasyMPD at Linn Songcast, you should check the "Network Setting" in Linn Songcast's Setting. (Please see about point 6.)

2. If you hear the sound from Songcast, you will agree that the sound from Songcast is better than the sound from any other streaming method. But Songcast needs more quantity of streaming data for better sound. So the bad network connection will cause problem. It is not recommended to use Songcast with WiFi network.

3. If it does not work, find the DLNA/UPnP Controler that control EasyMPD. If you find one, then clear the playlist (play queue) in the DLNA/UPnP Controler and close it. And try Songcast again.

4. Songcast's volume control is not work. Instead, you can use the volume control of the player program.