Download torrent at Alix

If you use torrent, you don't need to move the downloaded files via torrent to the external HDD connected to Alix anymore. Instead you can download the files via torrent at Alix with EasyMPD if you connect a USB external HDD to Alix. In this tip, you'll learn how to activate and use the torrent client in EasyMPD. The torrent client used in EasyMPD is Deluge.

[Things you need to know]

  1. What is needed is? – To use torrent at Alix a USB external HDD must be attached to Alix and it should be used as DB Backup directory.

  2. Effect on sound quality - Even if you activate the Torrent Client in EasyMPD it does not affect the sound quality. Torrent client will be automatically turned off if music play is detected. And it will be back to work when the stopped playing is kept for 10 minutes. If it is difficult to wait for 10 minutes, you can click "Start Torrent Now" button on the Status page of EasyMPD. Do not forget to stop all the music play before.

  3. Download speeds? – Unfortunately alix hardware is not suitable for heavy torrent download. Excessive download speed over 1MBps or too many connection of torrent may can cause some errors in Alix. Sometimes you cannot even access to Alix. So the torrent client default preferences in EasyMPD are tailored to Alix to avoid these problems. It is recommended that you do not change this default setting to increase the download speed. The reasons for using a torrent in Alix although download speed is not good are that you can download files directly to the USB external HDD attached to Alix and torrent downloading can be another useful function Alix can do when it does not play like as NAS.

  4. Where the downloaded file is saved? – Of course, it will be saved to a USB external HDD connected to Alix. the torrent client saves the downloaded files to a temporary folder of "Download" on the USB external HDD in stage of downloading and after completion of downloading they are moved to the folder that you select for saving. You can select the saving folder at EasyMPD WEB GUI.

[Activate torrent client]

The torrent client can be easily activated in EasyMPD.

  1. Open EasyMPD WEB GUI and go to "Tools -> Torrent". And then select the checkbot of “Enable Torrent”.

  2. Select one of the folders in USB external HDD for "Default path to save files". As mentioned above, the downloaded files are moved to and saved in this folder after completion of download.

  3. Click “Save” button to save and apply.

[Using torrent client]

  1. EasyMPD uses "Deluge" torrent client. Deluge provides a WEB GUI (Web graphical user interface) itself. You can add and manage torrent in this WEB GUI. To open Torrent Client WEB GUI, open your favourite web browser and enter "Alix's IP address:8112" in the address field. Assuming that the IP address of Alix is, the address of WEB GUI will be And you can open the WEB GUI from the links being shown at the status page of EasyMPD WEB GUI.

    Open torrent client WEB GUI with entering the address at browser

    Open torrent client WEB GUI from the links on EasyMPD WEB GUI

  2. Using "easympd" for login password.

  3. Select host of "" and click "Connect" button at Connection Manager window.

  4. If you want to add a torrent click “+Add” button at left top of the WEB GUI.

    Click "File" button and then click "Browse" button at “Add Torrents” windows. And then find the torrent you want to add from your computer.

  5. In the Deluge WEB GUI, you can delete the torrent and can make some changed of setting. Most of features other torrent clients have are available in Deluge WEB GUI.

[Find the downloaded files from your computer.]

The torrent will disappear right after download completion from Deluge WEB GUI because the torrent client default setting in EasyMPD is set to delete torrent right after download completion. (You can change this setting at Deluge WEB GUI.)

If the torrent shows download completion or it disappeared at Deluge WEB GUI, you can find the downloaded files at the folder you selected for "Default path to save files". Open Windows explorer and go to “\\easympd\usbmount\folder_name” then you will find the downloaded files.