USB memory stick can supplement the lack of physical memory of Alix.

Alix has less amount of memory than normal PC. The small amount of memory in Alix is not a issue for most users who are using Alix as music player. But to the user that has the enormous number of music files, it can be a problem to create MPD DB. An USB memory stick can solve this problem if you plug it to Alix.

In EasyMPD, Alix uses USB storage device plugged to Alix as a virtual memory. It usually uses only faster physical memory (RAM). But if there is insufficient memory it automatically uses virtual memory as well. You do not have to worry about running out of memory of Alix if you use USB storage device with Alix.

The virtual memory is activated automatically if the USB external HDD is plugged to Alix and it is registered as DB Backup directory. USB storage will be registered as DB Backup directory automatically if you have not a DB Backup directory already registered with network shared folder. But if you have already registered a network shared folder for DB Backup directory, you should delete the exist DB Backup directory at "MPD -> Music Directories" in EasyMPD WEB GUI to register the USB storage as DB Backup directory. At least 600Mbytes free space is needed at HDD.

If you don't want to use USB external HDD to worry about its noise, you can use USB memory stick instead.

It is recommended to use the one with over 2Gbytes capacity. (The data on USB memory will not be erased. And if you will use new one and it is not formated, you should format it before use.)