We have prepared a luxury audio case for Alix.

We have prepared a luxury audio case for Alix 2D2 board. It consists of beautiful face aluminium front, think iron case, EMI filter, Lambda power supply and power switch.


  1. For power supply we use SMPS power from Lambda. It make possible we can get high efficiency and low ripple noise. And it can provide 30W output power that is enough even if you use WiFi and USB external HDD with Alix.

  2. Power switch and AC EMI noise filter protect your Alix and DAC from the noise of other electronic devices in your house.

  3. To prevent radiated noise, it consists of 1.6T thick iron panel. It makes Alix heavy and reduce vibration.

  4. All functions of Alix can be used as it is, LED, reset button, LAN and USB ports.

  5. You can feel beautiful light reflections on 10T aluminium front.

  6. You can detach CF memory without openning case.

  7. Size
    330 W X 170 D X 41 H (mm)

Sorry, we cannot sell this case to other country out of Korea because of shipping cost.
If you really want this case and you can pay the shipping cost, contact us by e-mail. Thanks.